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Equipment listingS

Below is a short list of some of what just became available.
Email Metro now for a quote and see the savings you can realize!.
2003 MY 9 SMT Placement Machine, Midas & Hydra Head (34,559 hrs) (Factory Re-furbed 2014 & Maintained
2006 MY 9 SMT Placement Machine, Midas Head (37,542 hrs)(Factory Re-furbed & Maintained)
TP9 CPU & Mot Boards
TP9 X wagon Camera
TP9 Power supply
No 1 Arbor press
Alpha Tron PT100A Crimp pull tester Mydata 3 bay Tray wagon
2 Each…Surface Mount Techniques 1616PD semi-automatic screen pasters
Vitronics Unitherm SMR800N 8 Zone Nitrogen Reflow oven
Hollis TDL Lead Wavesolder machine pallet system
Folungwin Leadfree Wavesolder machine 6ft bottom /3ft Top pre-heat, 1100 lb pot w/SAC305
480 to 380 V Transformer
240 to 380 V Transformer
Kaesar(ASD 25T) 25 HP Rotary screw compressor dryer w/120 gal tank(Factory Maintained)
On-Site N20 Generator N175 (99.5%)with 400 Gal Tank
Artos rotary Stripper
240 feet of Hand Stuff Assembly "pass Line"
Handstuff Turbo trays (35 each)
Artos CS 26 Wire cut & Strip
Artos AM All Around Stripper
Artos AM .015 Stripper with strip and retain
Amp "K" crimp machines
MicroChip “PIC” programmer MYLAB PM3
Hakko FR410 Desolder Station
Assembleon SMT
Fuji SMT
Juki SMT
Sanyo Surface Mount Technology
Samsung SMT equipment
Mydata SMT
Panasonic SMT Machine
Siemens SMT
ipulse SMT
DEK Electronics Manufacturing
SMT Universal
Yamaha SMT
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